• Can we also participate as a school/class?

    Sure, anyone can join and schools/classes are especially invited to participate. Are you a teacher at a school/class and would your school like to participate? Then please create an account in the user administration and send us your user name and school name including the address to apps@tugraz.at. We will activate your teacher account and you can then create the pupils and classes yourself.

  • Can we also participate if the school is in Germany/Switzerland/...?

    Of course, the apps are also available to schools in other countries free of charge!

  • Where do I have to register?

    Please use the user administration.

  • Do I have to pay for the apps?

    No, the apps are free of charge.

  • How can I create classes and pupils?

    Instructions for user management and class management can be found in the teacher's handbook (in German).

  • Why can I no longer log in with my access data?

    The IDeRBlog ts was relaunched in November 2023. For security reasons, a reprogramming was necessary, during which all existing accounts had to be deleted. Please re-register to be able to use the service again.

  • I can no longer find the mathematics apps. How do I get access to them?

    With the update at the end of October 2023, the mathematics apps unfortunately also had to be taken offline, as they also need to be reprogrammed for security reasons. However, we are planning to make them available again in the future.